How Much Money Do I Need To Invest To Get an E-2 Visa?

How Much To Invest For an E-2 Visa


Investing in the US is regarded as the major requirement for persons that wish to be granted an E-2 visa. But this does not mean that you can establish a business worth a trivial amount and expect to be issued an E-2 visa. There are people who attempt to work around the system by registering a company and depositing money into the company’s account in anticipation of being granted a visa. Foreign investors are allowed to apply for the E-2 investor visa because the companies they establish create employment opportunities and are also a source of tax revenue to the government. Simply investing in land or opening a shell company will not suffice.

The E-2 investor visa guidelines do not specify a minimum investment dollar amount, but the smaller the investment, the more scrutiny you will face. Investors have been granted E-2 visas with investments as low as $25,000. Experience has shown us that investments ranging in the $50,000 to $65,000 range are more typical. Anything is possible as long as you abide by the E-2 Visa guidelines.

Our team will assist you in choosing the right business model, that not only fits your personality and skill set, but will also abide by the E-2 investor visa guidelines.

No Risk No Gain

E-2 visas are issued to persons that have put their finances at risk by investing them in the United States of America. There are no restrictions regarding the kind of business that you can own as a foreigner. According to the laws governing the issuance of these visas, those with a greater risk in terms of invested cash have better chances of getting a visa issued.

Shop for a Business of Your Choice – a Franchise is a wise decision

Buying a business model that is already established, such as a franchise is the most logical option for most foreign investors. This is because you will not have to go through the numerous risks of having to find a successful business model. Franchises offer a proven business model and a step-by-step operations guide for building and running a successful business. The franchisor will assist you in getting trained in the industry,  providing a simple to follow blueprint for running the business and assisting you in selecting the ideal location to open your business, so that your venture grows quickly and strongly and secures a large market share to make you profitable in short order.

Buying an Existing Business

When researching purchasing an existing business, to fulfill your E-2 investor visa requirements, make sure to do your research. Why does the current business owner want to sell their business? Make sure you understand the risks involved with purchasing an existing business, you also get all of it’s existing liabilities as well.

  • The existing business may may have a bad reputation in the local area.
  • The existing business may have an unsuitable location for the product and service, preventing future growth.
  • The existing business may have inventory that is outdated, leaving you with unsellable products.
  • The existing business may have poor relationships with it’s current suppliers.


Starting a Company from Scratch

Starting a business is difficult. Starting a business in a new country is even more difficult. Unless you are an expert in the specific business venture you are perusing and understand each and every rule and regulation regarding starting such a business, you are taking a huge risk.

Also, when starting a new business, the startup costs can be difficult to estimate, the market research can be lengthy and if you run into an issue you have no one to turn to for assistance, except for yourself.  A franchise business will specify the exact starting costs, already have performed the essential market research, outlined all of the permits, licenses, vendor relationships, marketing, logistics, inventory and accounting required to start, manage and grow your new business. You have a team of experts behind you every step of the way.

When purchasing a franchise business, there is a good business system already in place for you to follow toward success. Also, the franchise organization offers ongoing management and technical support for you and your business. Therefore, if you run into any issues, they can help you resolve them.

Using the services of a Franchise Broker to find the right franchise business in the city and state you desire to be in and in the investment range you are comfortable with. They will work you through every step of the process of buying the franchise and obtaining your E-2 investor visa.