E-2 Visa: Argentina to U.S.A.

E2 Visa: Argentina to the U.S.A.

E2 Visa: Argentina to the U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Argentina to U.S.A.

It is possible for Argentines to migrate to the U.S. and establish successful businesses owing to the warm trade relations that exist between the U.S. and Argentina. By relocating, Argentine E-2 investors create employment and contribute to the expansion of the U.S. economy.

Get Your Documents in Order

The Argentina consulate office advises all E-2 applicants to bind their applications with hard cover material so that the forms are protected from any potential damages while awaiting approval. However, sheaths should be avoided because they make the process of reading through the applications cumbersome and time consuming. Moreover, you are only required to present only one copy of every document that is required in this application.


Required Documents

All applications filed by Argentines must be accompanied by a valid passport whose expiry date is at least 6 months out from date of E-2 Visa application date.

All Argentine applicants are required to submit form Ds-160 that has been filled appropriately. The applicant should also provide a copy of one color passport size photo. It is also necessary for the applicant to prepare a letter summarizing how they will fulfill the requirements for each of the treaty Visa requirements and prove that the company they are investing in is either operational or about to become operational upon the approval of the visa.

E-2 Visa Program

Argentine nationals are allowed to reside in the U.S. through the E-2 visa program. Any citizen of Argentina that can afford to make a substantial investment in the U.S., typically in excess of over a $100,000 is qualified to apply for enrollment into this program. However, there are other crucial requirements that must be addressed before applicants are approved for this kind of visa.

Visa Processing Fee

The consulate office in Argentina subjects E-2 applicants to standard fees that are used to cater for processing costs and other costs. The fee is not refundable. Upon paying the fee, Argentines are issued with a receipt indicating that they have paid the fee that is subjected to all visa applicants. Paying the above mentioned fee guarantees the scheduling of an interview at the consulate office.

You Should Hire an Attorney

Most applicants opt to file their visa applications with the assistance of an attorney. But if you are to be represented by an attorney, you need to present form G-28 that implies that the attorney is fit to participate in the application procedures on your behalf. You must provide all their contact details including their phone number and address on the form.

Besides that, if a fellow Argentine is coming to work for you in the US, it is recommend that they obtain a letter from you that highlights their roles in the new enterprise which must be based on their professional skills as indicated in their professional certificates or past business or professional experience.


Proof of Nationality

The E-2 visa is only issued by the U.S. consulate office in Argentina which is under the US’s embassy in the country. The visa program is limited to Argentine nationals only. This means that you have to submit a copy of your national identity card to the consulate officers for verification purposes.

It is therefore recommended that you first obtain a national identity card from the concerned government office before applying for E-2 visa. Foreigners living in Argentina are therefore not allowed to apply for E-2 visa while using Argentina as their home country.

Invest In the U.S.A.

Argentines in E-2 program are supposed to establish a businesses in the U.S. Owning a business is not enough because it has to generate adequate profits that can sustain the owner and the owner’s dependents as well as some U.S. employees.

It therefore goes without saying that marginal investments do not qualify for E-2 visa. This determination is concluded by calculating the amount spent by the Argentine to obtain the business and the anticipated profits that the business is estimated to produce.

Buying a Franchise Business

Buying a franchise business in the U.S. is a wise choice to fulfill the E2 visa business requirement, because a well run franchise will provide you with a proven success model and business plan to can be provided along with your E-2 visa application. You can capitalize on the stability and name recognition of the past franchise success. Therefore avoiding the unnecessary risk of investing in an unknown business or starting from scratch.

Reserve 2 Positions for Americans

All Argentine applicants are required to set aside a minimum of two job opportunities for U.S. nationals. You can always hire more depending on your needs.  The positions do not include those that are reserved for yourself or your spouse.  

You Must Keep The Business, If You Want To Stay

As an Argentine E-2 investor, you must be ready to move back to Argentina once you are done with the business in the U.S. In fact, the E-2 visa is valid for 4 years after which you are required to renew it for you to continue staying in the US for another 4 years.

Profitable Business

The business set up by an Argentine E-2 investor must be profitable otherwise your renewal request will be denied. In fact, you are supposed to submit all financial statements from the business including tax returns to validate that it is indeed a profitable venture.

Commit the Funds First

Argentines who own businesses in the U.S. are allowed to relocate because their investments are considered to be at risk if they are not active in manning the operations of their investments. Being in the U.S. therefore gives them control over the said investments.

As an Argentine applicant, you must commit your monies towards funding the project in the U.S. This is evidenced by the escrow payments that have been made to a U.S. bank .If you have borrowed money, the money must be under your control before you are issued an E-2 investor visa.

Own Majority Stake in The Business

One can not qualify as an E-2 investor visa if you do not own at least 50% or more of the company’s stock. If the business is owned by several Argentines, they must purchase the majority number of shares in that company. This means that an Argentine investor can not partner with someone who is not either an American or an Argentina national. Every applicant is required to clearly state the persons that will be the beneficiaries of their project.

Apply For Visas for Spouse and Kids

The spouse and kids of an Argentine applicant are entitled to dependent visas upon the approval primary E-2 visa applicant. The spouse must be legally married to the applicant otherwise they will not be allowed to come with them to the US. Children who are not yet 21 years are also included in this clause. But children will be required to apply for independent visas upon turning 21 years old.