E-2 Visa: Armenia to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Armenia to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Armenia to U.S.A.


Armenia participates in international trade and specifically entered into business treaties with the U.S. which qualifies its nationals to apply for E-2 visas. The E-2 visas are issued to Armenians who are financially stable and can invest in the U.S. economy by establishing ventures that in return employee Americans as their dedicated workforce and contribute to the overall growth of the U.S. economy.

The visa expires after 4 years and can then be renewed. To get an E-2 visa from Armenia, one has to get the application forms from the U.S. embassy that is in Armenia and submit them for evaluation.

Non Refundable Fee Is a Must

Whether the consulate office in Armenia will grants you the visa or not, you must pay the visa application fee which is non refundable. In fact, your interview cannot be scheduled if you have not paid this fee.

The good news is that you can pay via your credit card. Once you present the transaction’s receipt to the consulate official, your interview will be booked on a specific date.

Fill the Forms in Correctly

The consulate expects the application materials to be submitted completely and in the appropriate format. For example, the application documents should be sealed with hard cover materials so that they can tolerate any potential damage. Armenian investors must also disclose the beneficiaries of their investment in the U.S. in the application forms. Form Ds-160 is very important and thus needs to be filled in correctly.

Applicants who are represented by lawyers must complete form G-28 which is used to grant authority to the lawyer to represent the client in this issue. The applicant must avail the lawyer’s phone numbers and email address so that they can be contacted when necessary.

Armenian Workforce

If you wish to source for employees from Armenia, they must file their independent visa applications to the consulate office as well. They are required to get a written letter that explains the nature of the foreign venture, their duty in the business and their professional qualifications which makes them the ideal candidate for the job.

Your Chances of Getting the Visa

Every Armenian applicant stands a chance in getting the visa because there are thousands of E-2 visas that are set aside for foreign investors. 

As an Armenian investor, you must have a valid passport that allows you to travel to the U.S. If yours has expired, you just have to renew it.  It is also mandatory for all applicants to attach a color passport size photo in their application packet.


Idle Business Does Not Qualify

You can not get the visa simply because you have a business somewhere in the U.S.  The business you own must be an active enterprise that attracts enough profits to cater for your financial expenses and any other person that depends on you for their upkeep.

The profitability of an investment put forward by an Armenian national is also measured by looking at its worth in terms of the amount of cash that was spent in setting up the business. Generally business investments of $100,000 and above are deemed substantial in the eyes of the E-2 Visa application reviewers.

You Must Be From Armenia

You must prove that you are an Armenian citizen by availing the national identity card that was issued to you. You can also use your passport to prove your nationality because passports are issued by the government. These documents are important because they can be used to conduct background checks on you.

Research Your Business Options before You Apply

It is required that you shop for a U.S. based enterprise before making your E-2 application. This will help you get the relevant documents that will be used to prove that the business is already in operation or will be opened shortly as evidenced by bank statements and purchase agreements among other documents.

Some applicants find it difficult to raise the investments funds alone and therefore opt to partner with like minded Armenians. This is allowed, and may make it easier if you gather some Armenian investors to pool their money together to purchase the American business. But the same cannot be done in a joint venture between an Armenian and an alien from another country.

Asset Financing

Armenians who cannot buy ready made business empires can actually start their own business. This is achieved by creating a business plan that clearly points the projected profits within a given financial calendar. Once this has been done, the E-2 applicant has to look for project financing from the banks or borrow some money from trusted friends and family. Many applicants prefer to purchase a franchise business, because of its name brand recognition and past history of business success. Proving the future success of an unproven business model can sometimes be difficult to do.

Include Americans among Your Employees

An E-2 visa backed venture owned by an Armenian must hire a minimum of 2 U.S. nationals. Be prepared to document the hiring process and attach it in your visa application. If you do not fulfill this requirement within the specified timeline, your visa will not be renewed after its expiry. Moreover, you have to hire them on a fulltime basis.

You Can Only Work On Your Venture

The E-2 venture does not allow the Armenian investor to seek work in another company. You are expected to take an active role in the growth and management of the company while you are living here in the United States.

The good news is that your spouse is allowed to work in other businesses and this is done upon obtaining an employment authority document (EAD). This is because their visa is not independent from the E-2 investor. In fact, your Armenian spouse can work and live in the U.S. as long as the marriage between the two of you persists.

Children Can attend U.S. Schools

As an Armenian E-2 investor, you will be allowed to move to the U.S. along with your school aged children and enroll them in U.S. based schools. But their dependence on your visa is limited by their age because they will be expected to request for independent visas at the age of 21.