E-2 Visa: Bangladesh to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Bangladesh to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Bangladesh to U.S.A.


E-2 investment visas are issued to persons that belong to countries that engage in business relations with the U.S. The investors get their visas on condition that they build their businesses in the U.S. and hence hire Americans to work for them. Bangladeshi nationals are therefore qualified for this category of visa due to the treaties that they have with the U.S.

The U.S. embassy in Bangladesh serves as the consulate office and is hence the only institution that issues this kind of visa in the country. Every applicant must file their application at the Bangladesh office and await for an interview that is used to determine whether the applicant can relocate to the U.S. or not.

Things That Are Usually Requested

Before walking into the consulate office at the U.S. embassy in Bangladesh, you should ensure that you have already filled form Ds-160 and signed it appropriately. You should have a valid passport because you can not go to the U.S. or any other country without this document.

If your passport has expired, you should request another one at the immigrations office in Bangladesh and make sure the expiry date is least 6 months after the validity of your E-2 visa comes to an end.

Every Bangladeshi is subjected to the E-2 Visa application fee that is charged to all visa applicants who wish to travel to the U.S. In fact, you can not go for an interview at the consulate office unless you present the receipt to the officials to prove that you have paid the required amount.

It is recommended that you get the best color passport size photo of yourself because it is needed for easy retrieval of your data when the need arises. In fact, the background should be clear white and you should not wear any head garments such as veils and caps. Furthermore, it should be the most recent photo because the office will not accept a photo that was taken years back.

E-2 Visa Application Packet

Every potential Bangladeshi E-2 investor is required to compose a comprehensive cover letter and enclose it with their CV. All these documents and others are supposed to be bonded with hard covers because the papers from various sections may come out accidentally. Some applicants complicate the process of submitting their paperwork by creating several copies of any document that is needed by the consulate office. Don’t cause any paperwork confusion, only one copy should be provided.

Hire the Best Lawyer in Town

Bangladeshis are allowed to hire lawyers who will serve as their representative with the visa processes. An E-2 applicant can only be represented by a lawyer after completing form G-28 because this is the official document that is used to designate the duties of the applicant to the lawyer.

Bangladeshi Workers Must Get the Visa

If there will be some employees from Bangladesh hired by the E-2 investor, they are to apply for E-2 visas on their own. However, they must bring a letter from their Bangladeshi boss to prove that they have the required skills to be able to execute the duties that will be allocated to them. The letter must be accompanied by the C.V. of the employee and their professional and academic papers.

Get the Business First

Bangladeshi applicants are advised to first get the businesses they need to invest in because the consulate office will not issue the visa to any applicant who has not yet invested in a business within the U.S. The business sought by a Bangladeshi applicant should be carefully vetted.

Some applicants buy businesses blindly without taking time to find whether they are profitable and are surprised when they are denied the visa. You should first analyze the business by first looking at the earnings of the business as reflected in the financial statements presented to you by the owner or the franchise representatives.


The Investment Must Be Substantial

E-2 visas are reserved for business savvy Bangladeshis. This is because the applicant must prove that they will be able to manage the project in terms of earning profits. Bangladeshi investors are encouraged to invest a minimum of $100,000 into the U.S. economy, in order for the business not be deemed marginal.

Two Are Better Than One

Like-minded Bangladeshis may come together and purchase or build their business jointly. All partners must seek visas individually but explain in your applications that you are to invest as a group and each member will be assigned duties in the project. In such a case, the stay of the group will be independent from the visa of any member. This is because any party can sell its shares to the other members and still buy another business that meets the requirements of alien investment. The same is allowed for Bangladeshi individual investors.

Reserve Jobs for US Nationals

An E-2 Bangladeshi must hire 2 or more American citizens in their business on full time terms. They should come on board before the end of the first 2 years since the commissioning of the project. It is also required that their hiring be properly documented so it can later be used to prove that the Bangladeshi applicant has met all eligibility requirements of the visa. This will proves especially useful when applying for a E-2 visa renewal.

The Money for the Project Must Be Under Your Control

Different investors use different approaches to get money for funding their projects. Some may borrow from friends and relatives. Others consider getting financial backing from banks. This option is allowed but it comes with some limitations on the threshold of asset financing that cannot be exceeded.

Whichever approach you choose, make sure the funds are under your custody because you will be expected to make monetary deposits in U.S. banks as escrow payments when acquiring any venture in the U.S. You must also attach a copy of share certificates or a copy of the purchase contract with your application to show a paper trail of your funding towards the project.

On the other hand, you should account for all your finances. Bangladeshis are also subjected to taxation by their government and therefore you must present tax returns showing how you paid your taxes while doing business in the country.

Your Family Is Considered

Any Bangladeshi investor can move with their family to the U.S. because the visa allows them to be accompanied by their children and legally married spouse. The children can not come with their parents if they are already 21 years or older. For those that are still schooling, they can be enrolled in U.S. based schools but will have to get their visas upon celebrating their 21st birthday.

The Bangladeshi is free to search for a job in other ventures and fields. This is because he is not obliged to work for the alien investor.