E-2 Visa: Bulgaria to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Bulgaria to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Bulgaria to U.S.A.


E-2 visas are issued to Bulgarians who intend to build businesses in the U.S. and hire Americans. The visa does not offer permanent residency in the U.S. because the Bulgarian investor is supposed to renew the visa after the 5 years period has lapsed.

Bulgarians enjoy this privilege because their country maintains trade relations with the U.S. There are actually thousands of visas that are reserved in this category every year. One must fulfill all the requirements to be issued with the visa. But you can always reapply if you have failed to be granted a visa.

Many Types of Business Models Qualify

E-2 visas in Bulgaria are only issued by the consulate office which is located at the U.S. embassy at the capital. As long as you have already established a business in the U.S or have paperwork documenting your intended purchase of a business, you are qualified to apply for this kind of visa.

Documents That Are Needed

Every Bulgarian applicant must first complete form Ds-160 and sign it before proceeding with the visa application forms. There is also a non refundable fee that every Bulgarian national must pay. Those who do not pay this fee cannot even book an interview at the consulate office.

Passports are a must have for every E-2 candidate because the document provides the platform for rubber stamping the visa. If your Bulgarian passport has already expired, you will have to renew it because you cannot use it if does not go beyond the expiry of your 5 years visa by at least 6 months.

The Bulgarian E-2 candidate must attach their recent color passport size photo on their application.  The photo must have a plain white background and be in the appropriate dimensions of 2×2.


The Lawyer Can Lodge Your Application

A Bulgarian E-2 candidate can hire a lawyer to ensure that the visa application goes through successfully. In fact, this option is highly recommended to Bulgarians because the lawyer can help you with the most complex issues.

Lawyers are permitted to represent their clients as long as the client has completed form G-28 which is issued at the Bulgarian consulate office. The Bulgarian office demands that all contact information of the lawyer be availed so that they can be updated as events unfold.

Bulgarians Can Work For You

Bulgarians can work for their fellow countrymen in the U.S. This is because the E-2 investor might want to create jobs for their fellow Bulgarians by bringing them to the U.S. to work for the company. Bulgarians can therefore apply for E-2 visas as employees of E-2 investor project.

The Bulgarian E-2 investor must write a letter to confirm that they will be hiring the applicant. The letter must explain the roles that will be allocated to the employee depending on the expertise and experience they have.

Finding the Business in the U.S.

It is advisable for a Bulgarian E-2 applicant to first focus on locating a suitable business in the U.S. before applying for the visa. This is because the consulate office is quick to reject applications that are submitted by Bulgarians who have not yet invested in the U.S.

Prove Bulgarian Nationality

E-2 visas are issued to Bulgarian nationals and therefore you must produce your national identity card to prove that you are not an alien in this country. This means that if you have not been issued with an identity card you should apply for one.

Profitable Investment

A Bulgarian visa applicant must create or purchase a business venture that is profitable. This is because they are not allowed to establish a venture that cannot sustain them and their families.

The statements depicted by financial records from your enterprise are used to determine whether the business is actually profitable or not.

Substantial Investment

The amount invested in the US by a Bulgarian must entail a considerable amount. The least that is typically invested is a $100,000.

A Bulgarian investor can get money to invest in the U.S. by either selling assets in Bulgaria, borrowing from friends and family, or getting a loan from the bank. Regardless of what method was used, the applicant must explain in detail how the money was obtained.

The money that is borrowed from family and friends has no limits. Bank loans on the other hand are accepted but there are limitations on their use, and cannot be the sole source of money to fund a project.

The money to be used to purchase the business must be transferred to a U.S. bank. This means that you cannot get the visa if the funds are still in Bulgaria. It is also necessary to make escrow payments in terms of acquiring the business and leasing the necessary structures for startup ventures. This can not be done by another party because you must be the one controlling the funds.

Americans Must Work For You

Bulgarians are allowed to migrate to the U.S. so that they can establish ventures and hire U.S. nationals to work under their supervision. Regardless of how big or small your venture is, you must hire at least 2 Americans on a fulltime basis within the initial 2 years of the business establishment.

Bring Your Spouse and Kids to the U.S.

Bulgarian investors are allowed to relocate to the United States with their spouses and children. However, the marriage between the couple must be legally recognized. It is therefore recommended that you first get a marriage certificate because your spouse can not come with you to the U.S. if you do not have this document. The spouse of the Bulgarian investor can actually be employed by another company other than company established for E-2 visa qualification.

Your children can come with you if they are not yet 21 years old, but if they are older than that, they will have to be left behind. If they are younger than 21, then can also move to the U.S. as well. But, it will be necessary for them to apply for their separate visa after they turn 21 because they will be viewed as independent adults at that point.