E-2 Visa: Cameroon to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Cameroon to U.S.A. 


The consulate office based in Cameroon issues E-2 visa to citizens of this country so that they can come to U.S. and establish businesses that will later hire Americans and positively contribute to the American economy. Cameroon as a country qualifies for this visa because it enjoys a business treaty relationship with the U.S.

Making the Application

Any Cameroon national who is at least 21 years can apply for an E-2 investment visa. The candidate should craft his CV comprehensively so that their skills and experience are emphasized. The application letter should include a cover letter that explains the objective of relocating to the US and how the host country will benefit from their stay.

There are various documents that are requested from Cameroonian applicants but most people make the mistake of providing multiple copies of such documents which results in more time being spent to read through the applications. The papers look more presentable when enclosed in a hard cover binder or folder.

Cameroonian Lawyer Can Do the Job

A Cameroonian applicant does not have to dedicate all of their time pursuing the E-2 visa themselves. They can hire an attorney lawyers in Cameroon to assist with the task. The applicant should hand in the necessary papers to the lawyer so that they can proceed with the process of filing the visa request at the consulate office.

For the Cameroonian lawyer to assume their duty, the E-2 applicant must fill form G-28 to show that they have officially commissioned the lawyer to follow the visa application procedures on their behalf. This includes appearing for the interview on behalf of the Cameroonian applicant. The contact details of the lawyer including their email address should be provided to enhance communications between the consulate office and the attorney.

Get a Business That Matches With Your Skills

It is advisable that a Cameroonian E-2 applicant decide which business they will purchase in the U.S. , before applying for the E-2 Visa. This is because it is not possible to get the visa without indicating what business you are purchasing and how much you are investing.  When acquiring any business, the Cameroonian must own at least 50% of the shares in that company. Even if it is a joint venture, 50% of the shares must belong to Cameroonian investors.

Choose a business you will enjoy, because you will be expected to be an active team member in the operations of the enterprise. 

Be In Possession of Ownership Documents

The Cameroonian applicant is expected to have already acquired or have the purchase contract in hand for the American based business when applying for E-2 visa.

If the business is a startup, the Cameroonian must produce lease agreement papers that show you have already entered into an agreement with the owners of the buildings that your business will be operating from in the U.S. Copies of all documents showing all the steps taken to start or purchase a business should be in order, in order to convince the consulate officials to approve your E2 visa application.

Declare the Source of Your Investment Funds

The Cameroonian E-2 applicant must indicate the root source of their investment money. The investment seed money must be shown to have been acquired through genuine and legal means.

Besides that, the investor must avail financial records from their business in the U.S. so that it can be screened against adherence to taxation requirements. It is therefore recommended that you first audit the reports because if you are found to have evaded any form of taxation, your application will be declined.


The Most Crucial Documents

All documents that are requested by the consulate office in Cameroon are crucial but there are some that are the most basic and in fact you can not get started with your application without them. All Cameroonian applicants are required to have a valid passport issued by their government. The passport should remain useful for at least 6 months following the expiry of your visa so that you are able to travel in and outside the US when the need arises.

Cameroonian investors are also required to fill form Ds-160.The form can be obtained from the consulate office in Cameroon but the most convenient way of getting it is downloading it from the consulate website.

The consulate office in Cameroon demands that all E-2 applicants pay the application fee that is affiliated with the E-2 visa. Those who do not fulfill this requirement can be sure that they will not get their E-2 visa. The good news is that the payment of this fee can be made online from any location that is connected to the internet after which an electronic receipt that is printable is issued to the applicant.

Substantial Investment

It is recommended that the Cameroonian investor commit at least  $100,000 to a U.S. based business project. The value of the investment venture is determined by computing the amount of money that was spent to acquire the venture; including the buying or renting the premises, hiring staff, stocking inventory, office equipment and similar such expenses.

Profitability Test

The business commissioned by a Cameroonian investor has to be profitable or the E-2 visa application will be rejected. The financial statements are probed into to ensure that this requirement has been met.

Joint Ventures

Cameroonians are allowed to establish joint ventures in the U.S. In fact, this option is recommended for applicants who do not have much money at their disposal because merging their finances can help them build a substantial amount much faster. However, all the parties have to be Cameroonians because this visa does not allow mergers that involve persons from other countries. In fact, you can partner with your Cameroonian spouse or adult children or other family members or friends and apply for E-2 visas together.

Americans Have To Be Employed By Cameroonian

The Cameroonian investor must hire U.S. nationals to work in the company. In fact, the hired Americans have to work on full time basis and their number can never be less than 2 at any given time. If you are therefore planning to bring fellow Cameroonians to work for you, remember that 2 positions have to be reserved for Americans.

If your company is a startup, the hiring of U.S. nationals has to be done within the first 2 years of rolling out the business.

Spouse and Kids Can Stay In the US

Once your E-2 visa has been approved by the consulate office in Cameroon, your spouse and kids will be allowed to come with you to the U.S. This means that they will have to apply for dependent visa from the Cameroonian office. The children will only be allowed into the U.S. if they are under the age of 21.

However, your children will be required to apply for independent visas upon turning 21. The spouse of the investor is free to seek gainful employment in any American company because they are not bound to work for their partner.

Get Your Refund

When a Cameroonian is making an escrow payment to a U.S. based bank, they should ensure that there is a purchase agreement that contains a clause that will ensure the escrow money will be refunded in the event that the E-2 visa is not granted. It can take 3 to 5 working days for the money to be wired back to Cameroon.