E-2 Visa: Columbia to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Columbia to U.S.A. 


E-2 visa is issued to individuals who have already invested or are poised to invest a substantial amount in the U.S. This is because the U.S. government considers their investment to be at high risk and thus the need to allow them to reside in the country so that they can supervise their businesses.

Columbians are actually qualified to apply for the E-2 investment visa because their country engages in business with the U.S. The visa can be obtained from the consulate office in Columbia. Such investors are beneficial to the U.S. because E-2 visa sponsored businesses employ many Americans and inject capitol investment into the country.

Only Columbians Can Apply

You will not be issued with an E-2 visa simply because you are in Columbia. You have to prove that you are a citizen of Columbia. This means that you can only apply for this kind of visa from your home country. Every applicant has to produce their national identity card to be allowed to proceed with the application process.

Passport Is Mandatory To All

Every Columbian who is applying for E-2 visa must be in possession of a valid passport issued by Columbia’s immigrations office. In fact, this is the document that will be needed at the final end of your application process because the consulate office will stamp it to show that you are allowed to be in the US for the specified period. It will therefore be a waste of time to apply for E-2 visa without a passport.

It is also required that all Columbian applicants submit a complete form Ds-160.The form is available at the consulate’s website and so it should be easy for applicants to download and print it provided they have access to the internet.

To apply for the E-2 visa, you must pay a standard fee. The receipt that is obtained upon paying this fee should be submitted to the consulate officials so that they can book your interview. Any applicant who has not paid this fee cannot get a visa appointment. Most importantly, the fee is non refundable and so you must be ready to pay every time you file an E-2 visa application.


Let the Lawyers Do Their Magic

Every Columbian applicant is allowed to enjoy the privilege of being represented by a lawyer. This is because the applicant could be tied up with other more demanding issues. Moreover, a lawyer can help the client get through all the requirements more efficiently.

After hiring your attorney, complete form G-28. The form serves an official notification to the consulate that all visa issues that will be handled by the lawyer. The Columbian applicant is expected to provide all the contact details of their lawyer so that the counsel can be called upon where necessary. The Columbian applicant will have to submit their CV and all required information to the lawyer, so that they can best represent your case.

Employees from Columbia Can Apply For a Visa

If you wish to employ people from Columbia, there are no restrictions because you are allowed to hire any number as long as you can afford to pay them. However, the Columbian investor has to write an official employment letter showing the areas they will be working in. The duties assigned to them should be those that are aligned to their skills.

Shopping For a Business Enterprise

It is recommended that every Columbian that is applying for E-2 visa first look for a business. This is because the consulate officials will be quick in approving an application of a candidate that has a business already running in the U.S.

While shopping for a business in US, the Columbian investor should consider purchasing  a venture that matches with their skills. This is because the investor will be required to assume an active role in the management of the business. The business should also be active because an idle venture will be disqualified according to E-2 visa regulations.

How to Buy an American Business

A Columbian investor can be the owner of an enterprise that is already doing well by purchasing 50% if not more of the venture’s shares. Buying more shares will give the Columbian investor ultimate control over the business. As a matter of fact, this scenario applies to Columbians who are investing as a group because they are expected to own the majority of the shares.

If a Columbian does not to buy an established company, they can put their finances together and build a startup business. The daunting task with startup businesses is drafting a business plan with projections of up to 5 years.

Detailed Evidence of How You Got the Money

Every Columbian who applies for an E-2 visa should invest a minimum of a $100,000 or more in the U.S. It is therefore a waste of time and money to start a business that is worth less than this figure because the consulate office in Columbia will not consider it as substantial.

It is known that some people are so aggressive and hence will do anything including engaging in fraud to get the money. That is why Columbians are required to provide documented evidence on how the investment funds were obtained. This includes bank receipts and other financial records that may have been issued following the sale of investments or properties.

Means of Financing Your Project

The easiest way of financing a Columbian owned project is through personal savings. Columbian investors can get a loan from the banks to fund their projects. However, E-2 investors are not allowed to use their projects as collateral because the business would not be profitable if a large portion of returns is used to clear the loan. This means that a Columbian can only borrow a minimal amount.

On the other hand, if you own assets in Columbia, you can use it as collateral to get a loan so that your project in the U.S. is not tied to the loan in anyway except for the fact that the funds are obtained from a loan that is totally independent.

An investor can also mobilize funds from fellow Columbians who include family and close friends. Besides that, a Columbian investor may join hands with like-minded Columbians and establish a business in the U.S. This is because it is easy to raise a substantial volume of money when there are several contributors in a project.

Unprofitable Businesses Are Not Allowed

Columbians should invest in projects that can generate generous returns. The U.S. government wants E-2 investors to benefit from their projects so that it is a win-win for all involved.

The financial records of the business will be audited to determine the profitability of the project because they reflect on the stability/instability of the business. Profitability is emphasized because a business that is not making huge returns have low chances of survival considering that there are workers who have to be paid among other bills that accumulate with time.

Employment of U.S. Nationals Has To Be Documented

Every Columbian investor must hire 2 or more U.S. nationals upon investing in the U.S. Their recruitment has to be backed by written employment contracts and they cannot be employed on less than a full time status.

If your project is a startup business, you may hire the Americans later after you have established the business but you can not go beyond 2 years after business inception.

The Funds to Be Invested Can Not Be In Columbia

The Columbian investor must transfer their funds to a U.S. based bank. This can be made by paying the escrow payment towards the acquisition of a business in the country. The same applies for startup businesses because the Columbian investor is expected to have already paid for the structures and space that has been leased in the U.S. This means that if you are being sponsored by a fellow Columbian, the money has to be moved to your account so that you have full control over it.

Come With Your Spouse and Kids to the U.S.

The Columbian investor can live with his family in the U.S. once the E-2 visa has been approved. The family includes the spouse who must be legally married to the visa holder and their kids who should not be older than 21 years. The Columbian spouse does not necessarily have to work in the partner’s business and they are allowed to work in a different business.

This is because the spouse’s visa is not independent from that of her partner and will actually remain like that as long as the E-2 business lasts. The children of a Columbian investor will on the other hand loose their dependence on their parent’s E-2 visa upon turning 21 and so they will have to apply for their own visas.