E-2 Visa: Congo Brazzaville to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Congo Brazzaville to U.S.A.


Congolese nationals can apply for an E-2 visa from the consulate office in the country. This is because Congo Brazzaville has treaty business relations with the U.S. However, the visa is issued on condition that Congolese investors establish a business in the U.S. Besides that, they have to employ a minimum of 2 Americans to work for them. By doing so, Congolese investors boosts the U.S. economy by creating employment opportunities U.S. citizens.

Consult Your Lawyer In Advance

A Congolese applicant stands a better chance of acquiring an E-2  visa when they assisted by a lawyer. This is because a lawyer is experienced in handling possible issues.

For a Congolese applicant to contract a lawyer, they will have to complete form G-28 and sign it. The consulate office demands that the contact details of the lawyer be provided and the most important of them all is the email address. This is done to enhance communication between the lawyer and the consulate office. You can hire an immigration attorney based in the U.S. or at home, but be certain they are knowledgeable about E-2 visas.

Owning a Business in the US

A Congolese applicant should ensure that they have taken steps to establish a business in the U.S. before seeking to get the E-2 visa. This is because they will be required to provide solid evidence about the existence of the business and their intent to purchase it, in order to get the visa.

Congolese Investor Must Own the Enterprise

A Congolese investor can own an investment in the US by purchasing 50% and above of the shares of any given company. Even if it is a startup business, the Congolese must own at least a half of the shares. As a matter of fact, partnerships are allowed between Congolese nationals and U.S. citizens, so aliens cannot participate in the mergers.

Escrow Payments Should Be Made Early Enough

E-2 applicants in Congo Brazzaville should make escrow payments to U.S. banks so that they can prove that they have already invested in the business. If the Congolese investor is interested in an established business, they should make escrow deposits with the intention of paying for the ownership of the listed shares in the business. In most cases, the investor will be issued with a share certificate to show that they are an influential shareholder.

On the other hand, an investor that intends to create a startup business is required to pay for the facilities that will be leased to the business. Such facilities include buildings and equipment. The lease agreement should be attached to the application so that they can be regarded as a serious investor.

Be In Possession of Relevant Documents

  • Passport: Every Congolese investor must apply for a passport from the relevant government office before applying for the E-2 visa. If the passport application is made at a later date, it will cause a delay on the issuance of E-2 visa. This is because the passport is the only document that bears the visa stamp and so the visa cannot be granted without it.
  • Ds-160: The consulate office has made it mandatory for all E-2 investors to complete form Ds-160.The applicant must sign the form once they have finished entering all the required details. The most convenient way of accessing the form is by browsing through the consulate’s website because it takes a few minutes to download the file and print it.
  • Visa application fee: all Congolese investors seeking an E-2 visa must pay an application fee. The money is non refundable and hence you must be prepared to spend more in case you do not succeed in the first attempt.

The Investment Has To Be Substantial

A Congolese should spend at a minimum of at least $100,000 in the project so that it will be considered as a substantial business investment. 

The Enterprise Has To Be Profitable

Every Congolese who applies for an E-2 visa has to convince the consulate officials that the business venture will be successful. It is therefore important to present how your skills and your business plan will lead to a profitable business. The profits are evaluated by looking at the volume of sales that are experienced on a day to day basis.


Accumulating the Investment Funds

If you do not have all of the funds to invest in a business on your own, you should consider merging funds with fellow Congolese so that you have a sufficient amount to invest. If this does not work, you can try borrowing money from trusted relatives and friends.

Reserve 2 Positions for US Citizens

There are no limits on the number of employees that can be hired by a Congolese investor. But at a minimum, two job openings have to be filled by Americans. Additionally, the two employees must work for on a full time basis.

The same hiring requirement is expected of a startup businesses as well, and must be done before the end of two years following his company’s inception.

Your Family Will Remain United

Once a Congolese investor has been issued with an E-2 visa, they can relocate together with their spouse and children. If your marriage union is legal and the children are under the age of 21, the entire family can relocate to the U.S. because they are regarded as beneficiaries of the principle investor.

The Congolese spouse and children can apply for their visas from the consulate office as long they have all the required documents. The spouse will need to produce their national identity card and the marriage certificate while the children will have to attach copies of their birth certificates.

The family can only be separated when the kids of the Congolese investor reach 21 years of age because, and then they will be required to apply for independent visas. The spouse to the Congolese investor can pursue gainful employment in any company within the US because they are not regarded as an employee in the investor’s business.