E-2 Visa: Costa Rica to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Costa Rica to U.S.A. 


The citizens of Costa Rica are among the people who can apply for E-2 visa due to the trade relations that exist between Costa Rica and the U.S. This kind of a visa is issued by the consulate office in Costa Rica that is located within the U.S. embassy.

There are an unlimited number of E-2 visas that are available for Costa Ricans. The chances of an applicant getting the visa are dependent on their preparedness in terms of meeting all the requirements.

Costa Rica Must Be Your Motherland

If you are making your E-2 application from Costa Rica, you have to prove that the country is indeed your home country unless you are still a minor. It is therefore required that you make a copy of your national identity card so that your nationality can be assessed. This means that visitors and refugees can not apply for this kind of visa.

You Must Be Making Efforts to Own a Business in U.S.

Costa Ricans applying for an E-2 visa are required to have already invested in the U.S. economy. If this is not the case, the applicant must be in the progress of purchasing a business in the U.S. This can be backed up by presenting share certificates and also purchase contract agreement forms.

How to Become the Owner

A Costa Rican can own an enterprise in the U.S. by buying a portion of a company’s shares. The portion of shares under the ownership of the Costa Rican investor should be 50% and above. Once the shares have been purchased, the foreign investor should be issued a share certificate to show the number of shares that are under their control.

A Costa Rican may decide to build their business from ground zero. Such businesses are called startup enterprises. Such an investor is required to have entered into a lease contract with the owner of the lands and any other facilities that may need to be obtained in the U.S.

How to Raise Funds for E-2 Investment

The amount of money invested by a Costa Rican investor is supposed to be substantial. The least amount of money that can be invested is typically $100,000.

You can apply for a loan from the bank to fund your project but the borrowing has to remain within a 30% threshold because projects that are fully financed by loans do not qualify for an E-2 visa.

The alternative is to look for other Costa Ricans who are willing to invest in the U.S. and merge your finances. This makes it simple to build a substantial amount and the good thing is that all the partners will be issued with visas so that they can be in the US to supervise the operations of the business.

You Have To Apply Your Skills in the Business

As a Costa Rican investor you should not just settle on any business because you will be required to be an active team member in your business. This means that you will be required to utilize your skills, so choose a business that matches with your personality and professional aptitude.

Profitability Is Essential

Every Costa Rican applicant is advised to purchase or start an enterprise that will be profitable. It is therefore up to you to do the math and conclude whether the business that appeals to you will make sufficient profits. For your business to be considered profitable it should be able to fetch enough dollars so that you are able to live within the living standards of average Americans and be able to employ 2 American employees. Financial records will be used for evaluating the returns that are made by a Costa Rican investor.


Your Source of Money Will Be Traced

No matter your background in Costa Rica, you have to account for the money that you have invested in the U.S. and the evidence you will give should not raise any doubts. This is because Costa Rican investors are supposed to use money that has been obtained through honest ways to establish businesses in the U.S.

You are therefore supposed to provide receipts, pay slips and other documents that can be used to trail your economic activities in Costa Rica. If you choose to lie, the E-2 visa will not be issued.

Hire the Best Immigration Lawyer

While it is advisable for a Costa Rican applicant to hire a lawyer to file the application on their behalf.  It is recommended that they select an experienced immigration lawyer who practices within the U.S. Such a lawyer knows exactly what to do to ensure you get your visa and in fact, most successful applicants are actually represented by immigration attorneys.

All that you have to do is fill form out G-28 so that the lawyer is officially allowed to make the application on your behalf. You will be required to avail the immigrations lawyer’s contact details including.  The contact details are needed so that your lawyer can be updated on the progress of your visa application so that the two of you can make informed decisions.

You Must Fill the Forms and Pay the Visa Fee

All Costa Rica nationals applying for E-2 visa are required to fill form Ds-160.Completing this form marks the beginning of your application and the good news is that the form can be accessed from any location in the country because it is available in the embassy’s website.

No Costa Rican investor can leave the country without a valid passport. It is therefore important to ensure that you have this document. Moreover, there must be some blank pages in the passport so that the visa stamp can be engraved on one of the pages. A passport is needed when you want to travel to a foreign country and so it is advisable to always have it in advance.

All applicants are also subjected to a visa fee that is paid by all persons applying for a US E-2 visa in their home country. This fee is non-refundable.

Your Escrow Money Can Be Refunded

The fact that you are supposed to have already invested your money in the U.S. before making E-2 visa application does not mean that your money is in jeopardy. This is because all purchase and lease agreements should include a clause that dictates the money held in escrow will be reimbursed back to the Costa Rican investor if the visa application is not approved.

An attorney should be involved when creating such contractual agreements, to ensure it is written in a legal manner.

U.S. Nationals Should Be Hired By the Business

The business established by a Costa Rican investor should positively impact the U.S. economy by creating jobs for at least 2 Americans on a full-time basis. This requirement has to be met or the project will not meet E-2 visa standards. Even if your project is a franchise or an individual startup company, you have to employ 2 Americans within the first two years. If you hire them and fire them due to their failure to perform, you have to replace them.

Come With Your Spouse and Children to the U.S.

After you have succeeded in getting the E-2 visa the next thing to do is file visa applications for your spouse and children. This is because Costa Rican investors are allowed to relocate with their families. The marriage between you and your spouse has to be formal because you will be required to produce a marriage certificate.

Your children will be allowed to come with you to the U.S. if they are not older than 21 years. This means that they will have to remain in Costa Rica if they are adults older than 21. On the other hand, their dependence on the Costa Rican investor E-2 visa will lapse when they turn 21 years old. At this point they will be required to apply for independent visas.

Your Spouse Is Not Your Employee

Your spouse will be allowed to seek employment elsewhere upon coming to the U.S. But you can employ them if you care to. All that your Costa Rican spouse has to do is apply for Employment Authority Document (EAD) so that they can seek employment from any company within the U.S.