E-2 Visa: Croatia to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Croatia to U.S.A.


As long as you are a citizen of Croatia, you can apply for E-2 visa. This preference is given to Croatians because the country has always maintained trade agreements with the U.S .

The E-2 visa is issued to any Croatian who has invested in a U.S. based business. The business should be active because idle ventures are not allowed for E-2 investors.

You Must Present Relevant Documents

Every Croatian applicant must submit a complete form Ds-160 to the consulate office. In fact you do not have to commute to the U.S. embassy to get the form because you can print it after downloading it from the embassy’s website.

It is also required that every Croatian investor be in possession of a valid passport. This is because the document is needed to accommodate the visa stamp. In as much as the document is needed by the consulate office, you also need it more than they do because you can not board any flight without a passport.

All candidates applying for E-2 visa are subjected to a thorough interview at the consulate office. The interview cannot be scheduled if a Croatian applicant has not paid the standard fee that is subjected to all visa applicants around the world. It is recommended that you ensure that you have fulfilled all the requirements of the E-2 visa, because the application fee is non-refundable.

You Should Explain Why You Want To Invest In the US

Every Croatian investor is supposed to provide a detailed explanation on why they feel fit to invest in the U.S. To achieve this, the investor will need to write a cover letter and enclose it with their CV and the proposed
business plan. 


Hire the Best Lawyer

A Croatian investor can hire a immigration lawyer to handle the visa application procedures on their behalf. This is a great approach for the applicant, because the matter will now be handled by an expert who has the relevant experience. But the attorney cannot represent you if you do not complete form G-28.The form should be accompanied by contact details of your lawyer such as email address and telephone number among other details.

Your Business Should Be Active

Croatian investors should first establish a business in the U.S. before applying for the E-2 visa. Even if the investor does not completely roll out the enterprise, they should create an impression that the business is already in the process of being established. This is because you can not get the visa unless your business is already active.

The Business Has To Be Profitable

A Croatian investor must establish a profitable business, to be considered for an E-2 visa. The money the investor is getting from the business should be enough to cater for their bills and those of the investor’s dependents such as a spouse and kids. It is therefore wise to consider the profits that are being realized by the business that you intend to acquire. The best way to prove this is to get an overview of the financial statements before making a conclusion.

The same criteria should applied to a startup businesses. The Croatian investor should draft a business plan showing how profits derived for at least 5 years.

The Investment Has To Be Substantial

A Croatian investor is under obligation to spend a substantial amount when investing in the U.S. This is because a substantial investment attracts the most profits as opposed to a marginal investment. The amount of money spent by a Croatian investor should be at least $100,000.

Projects that do not involve a substantial investment amount cannot qualify for an E-2 visa.

The Croatian investor must also provide documented evidence regarding the source of investment money. If the money was acquired through the sale of a property, the investor has to avail the receipts and ownership documents that were used in the transaction.

You Have To Employ 2 Americans

The Croatian investor must ensure that they will hire at least 2 Americans to work in the business enterprise. The hiring has to be documented by the Croatian investor and it has to be done within the first two years of investing. Furthermore, the employees have to employed on a full-time basis.

Your Spouse and Children Can Live With You

The spouse and children of a Croatian investor are allowed to relocate with then to the U.S. All that the investor has to do is to produce a marriage certificate to prove that the spouse is legally married to them. The children also have to be below 21 years because grownup children are not allowed under this category of visa. Besides that, the children will have to apply for independent visas upon reaching the maturity age which is 21 years.