E-2 Visa: Ecuador to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Ecuador to U.S.A.


The E-2 visa program provides an opportunity for Ecuadorian nationals to migrate to the U.S. as investors for a period not exceeding five years. The good news is that the visa is renewable provided that the investor maintains a viable business in the United States.

This kind of visa can only be obtained from the consulate office in Ecuador at the U.S. embassy. It can take 3 to 5 months to get your visa after submitting the application papers.

Submit Your Resume on Time

Ecuador applicants are required to provide a detailed CV that includes a cover letter that explains the reasons why they intend to invest in the U.S. Every applicant should highlight on the products and services that they will be trading in so that the immigrations understands the nature of your business that will be operated in the U.S.

It is recommended that you take time to write an appealing CV because it will be closely scrutinized and any mistakes may cause your application to be declined. It is necessary for an Ecuadorian applicant to embrace neatness by binding their CV with a hard cover material.

You Can Be Represented By an Immigrations Lawyer

An Ecuadorian applicant can hire an immigration lawyer so that he the E-2 visa details will be handled by a legal professional. In fact, the lawyer can offer advise to the applicant on what to do to ensure that their application is approved by the consulate office.

The Ecuadorian investor is required to reveal the contact details of his lawyer including their email address so that the attorney can be contacted at the click of a button when necessary. It is also necessary for the Ecuadorian investor to fill and sign form G-28 because the lawyer can not handle the E-2 Visa application on their behalf if this form has not been completed.

The Business Has To Exist Prior To Making Application

Ecuadorian E-2 applicants are advised to first purchase a business in the U.S. because the consulate office only approves applications where the investor has already established the business or is in the process of investing as evidenced by escrow payments.

This means that you can not get the visa and invest later because there is no guarantee that you will do so once you have entered the U.S. The consulate office is hence very strict on this requirement.

An Ecuadorian applicant can become the owner of an enterprise in the U.S. by buying all or at least half of the shares that are contained in a given company.  For Ecuadorians that prefer to start a new businesses, they have to commit some of their cash to the project by paying for the structures that their business intends to lease from other people and companies in the US. The investor is also expected to have secured these deals by signing contract agreement forms.

Prove You Are an Ecuadorian Citizen

Ecuadorian citizens qualify for E-2 visa due to the friendship that exists between Ecuador and the U.S. in terms of business treaties. This means that aliens living in Ecuador can not apply for this kind of visa because they have to apply from their home country and confirm that their country is qualified.

An applicant’s nationality can be verified by the issuance of a national identity card that indicates where they was born among other details. This means that an applicant can not file their petition if he under  18 years of age and hence they must wait until they reach that age to get their national identity card.

The Investor Has To Be an Active Team Member

Any Ecuadorian applicant that intends to relocate to the U.S. must be ready to take an active role in the business enterprise. It is therefore recommended that every investor takes time to find a business that matches with their skills and temperment. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the application by an Ecuador citizen is likely to be rejected. You can actually support your application with recommendation letters obtained from your previous employers in Ecuador to demonstrate that you know what is expected from you in the job. In fact, most principle investors come to the U.S. as managers of their enterprises.

The reason why an E-2 investor is required to take an active role in the business is to bar them from looking for another job. Grilling the investor about the project details forces the investor to  focus on the performance of the business project which will eventually lead to the growth of the business.

The Worth of the Project Must Be Substantial

The business established by an Ecuadorian investor is supposed to entail a substantial amount of money. When a huge amount is pumped into the project, the risk is considered to be of high magnitude and hence the need to allow the investor to relocate to the U.S. so that they can exercise control over the business because its not possible to do so while in Ecuador. The least that an Ecuador investor is expected to invest in a business venture is approximately $100,000.

The Project Has To Be Profitable

The consulate office normally assesses the projects owned by Ecuadorian applicants to find out whether they are profitable. Woe unto you if your business can only sustain your needs and those under your care. An Ecuadorian investor is hence required to make substantial profits from the business project.

The assessment is carried out by evaluating the financial statements from the initial investor if it is an acquired business. If the project is a startup company, the Ecuadorian investor must submit a business plan that demonstrates how profits will be made each year for the next five years. It is therefore advisable for every Ecuadorian applicant to do the math and carry out an audit of the company they wish to buy because their application will be declined if this test is not passed.

The immigration officers also focus on the impact that the Ecuadorian project will have on the country’s economy. If the company employs many U.S. nationals and has several branches, the project is branded as profitable.


You Have To Explain the Source of Your Investment Funds

It is normal for the consulate office in Ecuador to demand for a detailed explanation from an E-2 applicant on how they obtained the money to invest in the U.S. This is done to ensure that all investors are clean from any fraudulent activities because there are some people who attempt to use illegitimate money to establish businesses in the U.S.

If by any chance you sold your assets in Ecuador to get the money, you have to enclose all the receipts of every transaction involving those assets. This refers to assets such as stocks, land and homes which may have been inherited or given as gifts.

Get Your Travel Documents in Order

An Ecuadorian investor needs to obtain a passport from the relevant office in their country. A passport is very important because it’s the only document that bears the visa stamp and allows you to travel to other parts of the world.

If your passport is full, you will have to apply for a new one because the visa stamp can only be applied on an empty page. Besides that, the passport should be able to last 6 months above your specified period of investing in the U.S.

All Ecuador applicants are required to fill form Ds-160.The form can be obtained from the consulate office in the country but the easiest way to get it is to download the file from the embassy’s website. If you have ever been charged for any offence within Ecuador, you have to indicate so in this form and this can cause your application to be rejected.

It is necessary for all E-2 applicants in Ecuador to pay the visa processing fee. In fact, the fee is paid for every application regardless of whether it is a first time attempt or a hundredth attempt.

Employ At Least 2 Americans

The Ecuadorian investor is under obligation to recruit 2 or more Americans to work for at the business on a fulltime basis. If the company was acquired, the organizational structure has to be reformed to accommodate the two employees.  The two workers are supposed to be hired within 2 years. If this requirement is ignored, the Ecuadorian investor may not be able to renew their E-2 visa at the end of five years because they would have breached a major requirement.

Come With Your Family to the U.S.

The E-2 visa program allows Ecuadorian investors to relocate to the U.S. with their families. This includes the spouse and any kids who are aged below 21 years. As a matter of fact, the spouse is free to search for work from any company because they are not viewed as an employee. The children’s dependency on their parents comes to an end when they turn 21 years.

The children can return to Ecuador at the age of 21 or marry US citizens so that they become permanent residents of the country. If they wish to pursue higher learning, they can apply for a student visa so that they can be allowed to remain in the U.S. during their study period.