E-2 Visa: Egypt to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Egypt to U.S.A.


The E-2 visa program is the ticket that can be used by Egyptians to pursue the American dream. This is because the holders of this visa are allowed to live and work in the U.S. for a period of 5 years. In fact, the stay that they enjoy is similar to permanent because the visa is renewable as long as the business established by the Egyptian investor remains active.

The E-2 visa program is reserved for countries that have been participating in international trade with the U.S.  Egypt is listed among these countries and so its nationals can apply for the E-2 visa from the consulate office which is situated at the U.S. embassy.

Applicants Should Enclose Their CVs

Every Egyptian applicant is expected to prepare a CV including a cover letter and submit it to the consulate office. The CV should be typed without graphical formatting such as customized colors and shapes. It is advisable to make it brief so that it’s not too lengthy. There are many CV templates that can be obtained from the internet and edited to make an appealing presentation of your skills and experience.


You Can Hire Immigrations Attorneys

An Egyptian E-2 candidate can involve an immigration attorney in the E-2 visa process. Hire an experienced attorney who understands the E-2 visa requirements.  They will be able to deal with the application process without any challenges.

The Egyptian applicant can only be represented by a lawyer after they have forwarded a complete form G-28. Additionally, the contact details of the said lawyer have to be provided by the Egyptian applicant. This is because there is great need for the two offices involved to keep in touch. The two offices refer to the lawyer’s office and the Egyptian consulate office.  Communication between the two offices normally takes place via electronic mail and so it is necessary for the Egyptian candidate to provide the lawyer’s email address.

You Must Obtain the Relevant Documents and Forms

Every Egyptian who intends to relocate to the U.S. through the E-2 visa program must be in possession of a valid passport. This is because you can not get the visa unless you have a passport that can be stamped to show that you are allowed to work and live in the U.S. The passport is also used to prove that you are indeed an Egyptian citizen because aliens in Egypt can not apply for this visa.

All Egyptian applicants are required to fill form Ds-160.The form seeks to obtain relevant details of all candidates with the aim of finding out whether they have been involved in any unlawful activities. The form can be accessed by all candidates through the consulate’s website.

An E-2 application would be incomplete without paying the visa application fee.  The application fee is non refundable. The application process is time consuming and requires much documentation.That is why Egyptian applicants are advised to hire an attorney to make sure the application is approved on the first attempt.

The Business Owned By the E-2 Investor Has To Be Active

Every Egyptian national that is applying for E-2 visa is strongly advised to first focus on owning a business in the U.S. This is because applicants who have active enterprises are highly regarded as opposed to those who are yet to make an investment.

The Egyptian applicant should have already purchased a business or have all the contracts in place prior to making their E-2 visa application.

The Egyptian Enterprise Has To Produce Profits

You can not call yourself an E-2 investor and yet make marginal profits from your business. The immigrations officials will go through the financial records and proposed business plan projections and verify them. The projections should account for the profits that will be made quarterly, and annually for a period of 5 years.  You are allowed to run any kind of a business as long as it is registered and so it is up to you to decide on the kind of business you want to establish.

Your Impact Has To Be Felt In the U.S.

An Egyptian investment in the U.S. is supposed to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy and so the business will be evaluated to find out whether its headed for expansion in terms of its market share and the jobs that are created every year.

The Egyptian Investor Must Assume a Demanding Position

An Egyptian investor should establish a business that corresponds to their skills because they will be required to be the overall overseer of the project. This means that despite the fact that you will have employees working for you, you will be expected to manage all the activities of the business project. The Egyptian investor cannot therefore work in another company because the E-2 visa states that they are in the U.S. to create jobs not the opposite.

The Investment Can’t Be Marginal

An Egyptian applicant has to get their finances together before making an E-2 petition.  Your financial situation has to be stable even when you are still in Egypt because E-2 visa is not granted immediately, so your investment money may be tied up in escrow for months before you get your E-2 visa approval.  Applicants are expected to pump at least $100,000 into the U.S. economy.

If an Egyptian applicant can not raise much money on their own, they have the option of partnering with fellow countrymen including friends and family to roll out an enterprise in the U.S.

The Source of Your Money Has To Be Known

Regardless of what an Egyptian did to get their wealth, they just have to explain how the money was acquired. The consulate office is looking for transparency in the investor applicant’s economic activities.

If the Egyptian applicant was employed in their country, they have to submit copies of pay slips up to 3 years prior to making the application. Besides that, those who own businesses in Egypt are also required to provide bank statements that are affiliated with their business and also the tax returns report so that the profitability of their ventures can be evaluated.

There are also investors who source for funds by participating in contests and this is actually allowed as long as the contest is recognized by the Egyptian authorities. Moreover, if an Egyptian applicant sold assets copies of all the receipts that were used to record the sale transactions are to be provided along with the E-2 visa application.

Your Workforce Must Include 2 Americans

Regardless of how many employees are sourced from Egypt, 2 of those employees must be U.S. nationals. The employees sourced from Egypt can work on part time basis but the same terms are not allowed for the U.S. workers. At least 2 U.S. nationals must be employed on a full time basis. 

If the Egyptian investor has bought a company whose workforce does not include 2 Americans, they will have to create the two openings.  If the company is a startup, the Egyptian investor is given a grace period of 2 years to hire at least 2 U.S. nationals.

The Egyptian Family Remains United

An Egyptian investor is allowed to enjoy the privilege of being with their family in the U.S. so that they do not have to keep making numerous visits to Egypt and hence concentrate on the business.

The family of the Egyptian investor has to file their visa petition immediately after the investor E-2 visa application has been approved. The spouse will only be allowed to come with the investor to the U.S. if a marriage certificate is enclosed with the  application. Hence an informal marriage should be legalized prior to making an E-2 application.

The children of the Egyptian investor can also travel and live in the U.S. provided they are not yet 21 years old. Once they reach 21 years of age, they will be required to head back to Egypt or apply for independent visas.