E-2 Visa: Finland to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Finland to U.S.A.


Finnish nationals can enter the U.S. using nonimmigrant E-2 visas. This kind of visa allows them to live and do business in the U.S. Finnish nationals can participate in the E-2 visa program because their country maintains international trade agreements with the U.S. Besides that, Finnish investors benefit directly from the program because they are allowed to relocate with their families. On the other hand, the U.S. benefits the most because the projects that are established by Finnish investors create jobs for U.S. citizens.

Produce Vital Documents and Submit Visa Fee

Any Finnish citizen that wishes to relocate to the U.S. through E-2 visa program should first obtain a passport from the relevant government office. This is because an investor can only leave Finland after their passport has been stamped by the consulate officials at the U.S. embassy in their home country. Moreover, the passport is used to support the nationality of the applicant so it can replace the national identity card.

It is mandatory for all Finnish visa applicants to fill form Ds-160.The form can be accessed through the consulate’s website which makes it easy to obtain. You can actually download it from any location as long as you are connected to the internet.

Every E-2 applicant in Finland is required to pay an application fee to have their visa processed. Any one that has not paid the visa fee can not be issued with an E-2 visa.

Idle Businesses Are Not Allowed

The business owned by a Finnish investor must be active because idle companies can not qualify for this program. It is therefore recommended that a business be first established so that the applicant can be regarded as an investor due to the fact that their project is already operational.

Contracts can be devised so that monies are held in escrow, and the purchase of the business in the U.S. is not completed until the E-2 visa is approved.

You Should Be Able To Direct the Operations of the Business

Finnish investors are allowed to be in the U.S. because the E-2 visa requirements stipulate that the investor must be an active participant in the business venture.  Once a Finnish investor moves to the U.S.,  they must work in the business they established for qualified E-2 visa business, and cannot pursue employment opportunities elsewhere. If the business is not performing well, they need to work to improve revenues or sell it and buy another business that still qualifies for the E-2 visa.


A Lawyer Increases Your Chances of Being Granted a Visa

Finnish applicants are strongly advised to involve an immigration lawyer in their petition. This is because an immigration lawyer knows what strategies to employ so that your application goes through successfully.

Many E-2 applicants are not aware of what they are supposed to do and so it is important to hire an experienced lawyer so that they can inform you about the crucial requirements. The participation of an immigration lawyer in E-2 petition starts when a Finnish applicant fills form G-28.The form includes the contact details of the lawyer because there has to be constant communication between the lawyer and the consulate officials in Finland.

The Enterprise Has To Generate Significant Returns

E-2 investors are required to make abundant profits. An E-2 investment visa will not be granted to a business that only generates marginal revenues.

For the profitability of a Finnish owned project to be determined, the consulate officers look at the financial records that are enclosed in the applicant’s petition. They normally approve projects that have experienced consistency in cash flow for about 3 years. If the Finnish investor is creating a startup company, the business plan will be evaluated on whether the projected  profits will be sustainable.

The Investor Has To Make a Significant Investment

Every Finnish applicant should be ready to spend over a $100,000 on an investment project in the U.S. A project that involves a marginal amount of money can easily be wiped out by changing market trends. Despite that, a business should be able to generate adequate profits such that employees are paid on time to keep the operations going.

Asset Financing Is Allowed But Limited

Finnish applicants are allowed to finance their E-2 projects using loans that are borrowed from the banks. However, they can not use the E-2 business to secure the loan. This means that an investor has to look for an alternative asset to use as collateral. A Finnish applicant can actually use a house or land in Finland to secure their loan.

Those who are not able to raise a substantial amount of money can partner with other interested individuals in their country so that each party owns a portion of the investment project. The other alternative is to borrow money from family and friends.

 2 Jobs Have To Be Reserved for U.S. Citizens

A minimum of 2 jobs in the company have to be filled by Americans. The two employees are supposed to employed on a fulltime basis. It is also required that they be hired within the first two years of the business being started.

The Finnish employer has to document the hiring process because their salaries and wages are supposed to match with those that have been set by the department of labor.

The Family of the Investor Can Come To the U.S.

The family of an E-2 investor including their legally married spouse and children are allowed to come to the U.S. The children can not come if they are 21 years or older. Children will have to apply for independent visas at the age of 21.Failure to upgrade their visa status will see them deported back home.