E-2 Visa: Macedonia to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Macedonia to U.S.A.


Macedonian nationals are allowed to reside in the U.S. through the E-2 visa program. Any citizen of Macedonia that can afford to make a substantial investment in the U.S., typically in excess of over a $100,000 is qualified to apply for enrollment into this program. However, there are other important requirements that must be met before applicants are granted this type of visa.

The Macedonian Must Head Company Operations

Many Macedonian E-2 applicants make a mistake by proceeding with their visa petition without an active business in place.

The consulate office in Macedonia does not dictate the kinds of businesses that can be founded by E-2 petitioners. A Macedonian applicant can own a business in the U.S. by acquiring it. To acquire an E-2 eligible enterprise, you must purchase at least 50% ownership of the business.

If a Macedonian investor is interested in creating a startup company, they do not have to wait until the business is completely operational. In fact they should get an attorney to assist in preparing their application before a business is purchased.

The consulate office in Macedonia states that all E-2 applicants must be willing to remain as active participants in their enterprises in the U.S. A  Macedonia investor will be regarded as an employee of themselves.

The Macedonian Petitioner Has To File An Application and Pay Visa Charges

E-2 visas are issued by the consulate office in Macedonia because one can only apply for this kind of visa from your home country.

You need to obtain a passport from the Macedonian authorities because you can not leave or enter another country without it. Moreover, the consulate office in Macedonia grants E-2 visas to applicants by stamping their passports.

Macedonia candidates should complete form Ds-160 and sign it. The consulate office makes it possible for all applicants in the country to access the form by placing it in their website where it can be downloaded and printed.

There is a E-2 visa application fee that must be paid by every Macedonian applicant. You should also be aware that the application fee is not refundable.

The Business Has To Be Profitable

The business owned by a Macedonian investor must be active because idle companies do not qualify for this program. It is advised that a business be first established so that the applicant can be regarded as an investor due to the fact that their project is already operational.

Contracts can be generated so that monies are held in escrow, and the purchase of the business in the U.S. is not completed until the E-2 visa is granted.

Many investors opt to purchase a franchise business to fulfill their E2 visa business requirements. Franchise’s will provide you with a proven method for business succcess. Capitalize on the stability and name recognition of past franchise successes. Avoid the risk of investing in an unknown business model or opening a business from scratch.

Substantiality of The Business Investment Has To Be Met

The business set up by an Macedonian E-2 investor must be profitable, otherwise your renewal request will be denied. In fact, you should submit all financial statements from the business including tax returns to show that the business is indeed a profitable venture.

The Source of Funds Has To Be Explained By The Macedonian Investor

Every Macedonian should declare the source of their investment monies when filing the E-2 visa petition. This is because Macedonian’s can only fund their projects using money that they obtained legally. You can sell any of your assets in Macedonia including inherited assets but the receipts that are used in the transactions must be enclosed in the application.

If a Macedonian applicant has sourced their funds from a well paying career in their home country, they must attach the pay slips of up to 5 years to justify the earnings. On the other hand, if the funds are owed to a successful business in Macedonia the applicant has to submit tax return reports to verify its legitimacy.


Let the Immigration Attorney Do Their Magic

Most applicants opt to file their visa applications with the assistance of an attorney. But if you are to be represented by an attorney, you need to present form G-28 which allows your attorney to participate in the application procedures on your behalf. You must provide all their contact details including their email address, phone number and address on the form.

Two Positions Must Be Allocated for U.S. Citizens

A Macedonia E-2 Visa holder has to create job opportunities for at least 2 U.S. nationals in the business. The size of your business does not matter because this requirement is compulsory for all E-2 investors. Furthermore, these two employees have to be hired on a full-time basis.

The hiring process should be carried out within the first two years if the company is a startup enterprise. If the company already exists prior to filing the petition, there has to be at least two American employees and if they are not present they have to be hired as soon as possible.

Spouse and Children Can Come To U.S.

When a Macedonian investor succeeds in getting the E-2 visa, they are allowed to come with their spouse and children. The only issues that can separate the principle investor from their family are the status of the marriage and the age of the children.

The spouse has to be legally bound to the Macedonian investor. If the marriage between the couple is not legally recognized, the spouse has to remain behind. The children of the Macedonian investor have to be aged below 21 years or they will not be able to move to the U.S. On the other hand, the same children will have to apply for different visas when they turn 21 years of age. This is because they are now seen as adults in the eyes of the law, and must qualify for their own independent visas.