E-2 Visa: Montenegro to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Montenegro to U.S.A.


It is possible for Montenegrin to migrate to the United States and create successful businesses because of the friendly trade relationships that exist between the U.S. and Montenegro. By relocating, Montenegrin E-2 investors create employment opportunities and contribute to the expansion of the U.S. economy via the creation of jobs and the injection of investment funds.

You Need To Own a Company

Montenegrin investors are allowed to be in the U.S. because the E-2 visa requirements stipulate that the investor must be an active participant in the business venture. Once a Montenegrin investor moves to the U.S. they must work in the business they established for the visa qualification. The investor cannot pursue employment opportunities elsewhere. If the business is not performing well, they need to work to improve revenues or sell it and buy another business that still qualifies for the E-2 visa.

Make sure to protect your investment monies. Hire an attorney to can draft a contract that ensures the investment funds are held in an escrow account. The business purchase is not effective until the E-2 visa is issued to the investor.

Prepare Documentation and Submit Visa Fee

A Montenegrin applicants should make sure they have a valid passport because they will need a passport to be allowed to enter the U.S. Also, the passport should remain valid up to 6 months after the expiry of the E-2 visa so that you can use it to travel back to your home country in case you do not renew your visa.

Furthermore, there has to be an empty page in your passport or you will have to apply for a new one, because the visa stamp is placed on an empty page.

All E-2 petitioners in Montenegro are required to pay the visa application fee prior to attending an oral interview at the consulate office in the country. The fee is not refundable so you may have to pay this fee again, if the petition is not approved on the first attempt.

Form Ds-160 must be filled by all Montenegrin E-2 applicants. Getting the form is as easy, simply visit the embassy’s website and download the form.

The E-2 Project Has To Be Profitable

The business that will be operated by a Montenegrin investor has to generate considerable income. It is therefore recommended that you analyze the profits that are made by the company that you are about to acquire because your visa petition will not be granted if the project is not profitable. The income from an E-2 project is said to be considerable if there is a surplus of money that remains after the principle investor has paid their bills and of their dependents.

The consulate officials actually go through the financial records before concluding on its profitability. This means that it’s necessary to enclose financial statements from your business.

Montenegrin investors who are opening startup companies will be evaluated on the projected profitability of their enterprises. Since startup businesses use business plans to file their petitions, the plan has to elaborate on how the Montenegrin investor will generate a sustainable income in future years.

An E-2 Project Should Be Substantial

Every Montenegrin applicant should be ready to spend over a $100,000 on an investment project in the U.S. A project that involves a marginal amount of money can easily be wiped out by changing market trends. Despite that, a business should be able to generate adequate profits such that employees are paid on time to keep the operations going.


Funding Your E-2 Business

Montenegrin applicants are allowed to finance their E-2 projects using loans that are borrowed from the banks. However, they can not use the E-2 business to secure the loan. Thus an investor has to look for an alternative asset to use as collateral. A Montenegrin applicant can use a home or land in Montenegro to secure their loan.

Those who are not able to raise a substantial amount of money can partner with other interested individuals in their country so that each party owns a portion of the investment project. The other alternative is to borrow money from family and friends.

Hire an Immigration Lawyer

You may not be sufficiently knowledgeable in legal issues and so it is prudent to hire an immigration attorney to file the E-2 visa application on your behalf. Immigration lawyers have the knowledge to handle an E-2 application, so your chances of being granted the visa will be higher.

An immigration attorney can represent you if you have completed form G-28. The form seeks to obtain the contact details of the lawyer such as their phone number, fax number and email address. It also serves as the official notification to the consulate office about the immigrations lawyer’s participation in the E-2 visa application.

Two Americans Are Required Be Employed

A Montenegrin investor should ensure that there are at least 2 U.S. nationals working in the U.S. based business. This requirement applies to both acquired and startup enterprises because the project would not be beneficial if there are no jobs that result from the Montenegrin’s investment in the U.S.

The two native workers must be working for the Montenegrin investor as full time employees. Furthermore, they have to be on the company’s payroll before the end of two years. If the company has already been acquired, the Montenegrin investor should enclose the employees’ W-9 forms to show that they have been paying personal income tax.

The Spouse and Family of the Investor Is Welcome

Upon getting the E-2 visa, the Montenegro investor can arrange for the relocation of their family including their spouse and children to the U.S. The spouse and children are allowed to continue staying in the U.S. as long as the principle investor has a valid E-2 visa status.

The children have to be under the age of 21 or they will have to remain behind. Moreover, the said kids will no longer be eligible for their parent’s visa dependence once they reach the age of 21. At which point, they will have to apply for unique visas or go back to Montenegro.