E-2 Visa: Oman to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Oman to U.S.A.


The country of Oman has been engaging with the U.S. in business treaties and so its nationals are qualified to apply for E-2 visas. The visas are issued by the consulate office in Oman and so all applicants are required to file their application from their home country.

Getting the E-2 visa in Oman should be easy provided that the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements. Many applicants fail to get the visa because they are not well informed about the entire process. Such problems can be avoided by involving an immigration attorney.

You Are To Be Your Own Boss

It is recommended that you first establish a business in the U.S. before pursuing the E-2 visa. This is because you should have already invested in the U.S. prior to applying for the E-2 visa.

The best approach as a Omanian investor is to submit escrow payments to a U.S. based bank. You can not declare yourself as an investor if you are not able to prove you have sufficient funds under your control.

Attorneys can create contracts that protect your investment funds. The contracts ensure the investment funds are held in an escrow account. The purchase of the business should  not be effective until the E-2 visa is provided.

Complete the Relevant Forms and Submit Them

E-2 visas are issued by the consulate office in Oman because one can only apply for this kind of visa from your home country.

You need to obtain a passport from the Omani authorities because you can not leave or enter another country without it. Moreover, the consulate office in Oman grants E-2 visas to applicants by stamping their passports.

Omani candidates should complete form Ds-160 and sign it. The consulate office makes it possible for all applicants in the country to access the form by placing it in their website where it can be downloaded and printed.

There is a E-2 visa application fee that must be paid by every Omani applicant. You should also be aware that the application fee is non-refundable.

The Business Has To Make Significant Returns

An E-2 investment is not satisfactory if it does not generate adequate returns.

The profitability of a business is determined by considering its impact on the host country’s economy. This is evidenced by the company’s balance sheets over the past several years. If jobs continue to be created due to the company’s expansion then the project is sustainable. The financial records are also probed when the returns are being evaluated. The Omanis investor should therefore prepare these records in advance so that they are not caught unaware.

Hiring an immigration lawyer to represent you will ensure that your interests as an investor are safeguarded. The attorney will prepare contracts that ensure you get your investment escrow money returned should the E-2 visa is not granted.

An E-2 Project Should Be Substantial

Every Omani investor should ensure that they invest a substantial amount of money in the business venture. An investment of $100,000 or more is commonplace.


Funding Your E-2 Business

Since E-2 projects involve a large investment of money, every Omani investor has to declare the source of their investment funds. The consulate officers require all E-2 investors to fund their projects using traceable finding. You cannot proceed with the investment if you can’t account for the source of your money.

Money can be given from friends and family members in form of gifts. You are also allowed to dispose any of your assets that are situated in Oman to get the necessary funding. But you have to produce the transfer documents and receipts that may have been issued following the sale of your properties and assets.

If a Omani investor has been engaged in any form of employment, they must provide copies of their pay slips or income statements. You can also apply for a bank loan to finance your E-2 business project. However, you should use your other assets in Oman as collateral because you are not allowed to secure any loan with the E-2 business.

Hire an Immigration Lawyer

You may not be sufficiently knowledgeable in legal issues and so it is wise to hire an immigration attorney to file the E-2 visa petition on your behalf. Immigration attorneys have the knowledge to handle an E-2 application, so your chances of getting the visa will be higher.

An immigration attorney can represent you if you have completed form G-28. The form seeks to obtain the contact details of the attorney such as their phone number, fax number and email address. It also serves as the official notification to the consulate office about the immigrations lawyer’s participation in the E-2 visa petition.

2 Positions Are Required To Be Allocated for U.S. Citizens

A Omanis investor should ensure that there are at least 2 U.S. nationals working in the U.S. based business. This requirement applies to both acquired and startup enterprises because the project would not be beneficial if there are no jobs that result from the Omani’s investment in the U.S.

The two native workers must be working for the Omanis investor as full time employees. Furthermore, they have to be on the company’s payroll before the end of two years. If the company has already been acquired, the Omanis investor should enclose the employees’ W-9 forms to show that they have been paying personal income tax.

Spouse and Children Can Come To U.S.

The spouse and kids of an Omanis applicant are entitled to dependent visas upon the approval of the primary E-2 visa applicant. The spouse must be legally married to the applicant otherwise they will not be allowed to come with them to the U.S. Children who are not yet 21 years of age are also included in this clause. But children will be required to apply for independent visas upon turning 21 years old.