E-2 Visa: Romania to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Romania to U.S.A.


Romanians can apply for enrollment into the E-2 visa program. The program allows individuals who come from countries that retain business treaties with the U.S. to migrate into the U.S. as investors. The foreigners are allowed to establish businesses in the U.S. so that they can employ skilled Americans and contribute to the U.S. economy.

Through the E-2 visa program, Romanians can remain in the U.S. as long as they renew their visas and continue to meet the qualifications of the visa program. Those who do not wish to extend their stay in the U.S. can return before the expiry of their visa. There are various steps that should be followed when applying for an E-2 visa in Romania.

The Applicant Has To Commit To Purchasing a Company

The U.S. consulate office in Romania requires all applicants in the country to first invest a considerable amount of money before embarking on their visa petition. Applicants are therefore required to attach documents that serve as solid evidence of investment in a business in the U.S.

Contracts should be generated that ensure the investment monies are held in escrow. The purchase of the business can not be completed until the E-2 visa is granted.

Prepare Documentation and Submit Visa Fee

Romanian nationals who are applying for E-2 visas are required to fill form Ds-160. In fact the application is said to be only half complete if this form has not been filled. Getting the form is easy because simply download it from the embassy’s website.

There is a visa application fee that has to be paid by all applicants. Once you have paid the fee, you should forward your receipt to the consulate officers so that they can book an interview. Romanian applicants who have not yet met this requirement can not schedule an interview.

Every E-2 petitioner has to prove that they are citizens of Romania. Aliens have to go back to their respective countries and file their petitions from their home country. An applicant has to produce a passport that has been issued by Romania’s department of immigration. The passport should not be full because the visa stamp can only be placed on an empty page.

The Business Has To Generate Significant Returns

E-2 investors are required to make abundant profits. An E-2 investment visa will not be granted to a business that only generates marginal revenues.

For the profitability of a Romanian owned project to be determined, the consulate officers look at the financial records that are enclosed in the applicant’s petition. They normally approve projects that have experienced consistency in cash flow for about 3 years. If the Romanian investor is creating a startup company, the business plan will be evaluated on whether the projected  profits will be sustainable.

The Investor Has To Make a Significant Investment

Every Romanian applicant is supposed to dedicate a substantial amount of money towards the business project in the U.S. For your project to be considered worthy, its value has to be at least $100,000. If it is an acquired business, the consulate officers use the amount that was paid by the Romanian investor to the previous investor. If it is a startup business, the consulate officers will use the costs estimations contained in the business plan.


Funding Your E-2 Venture

Every Romanian should declare the source of their investment funds when filing the E-2 visa application. This is because Romanian’s can only fund their projects using money that they obtained lawfully. You can sell any of your assets in Romania including inherited assets but the receipts that are used in the transactions must be enclosed in the petition.

If a Romanian applicant has sourced their funds from a well paying career in their home country, they must attach the pay slips of up to 5 years to justify the earnings. On the other hand, if the funds are owed to a successful business in Romania the applicant has to submit tax return reports to verify its legitimacy.

Let the Immigration Attorney Do Their Magic

You may not be sufficiently knowledgeable in legal issues and so it is best to hire an immigration lawyer to file the E-2 visa application on your behalf. Immigration lawyers have the knowledge to handle an E-2 petition, so your chances of being issued the visa will be better.

An immigration attorney can represent you if you have completed form G-28. The form seeks to obtain the contact details of the lawyer such as their phone number, fax number and email address. It also serves as the official notification to the consulate office about the immigrations lawyer’s participation in the E-2 visa petition.

2 Positions Have To Be Reserved for U.S. Citizens

The Romanian investor has to allocate two job openings to American citizens. This is because E-2 investors are allowed to establish businesses in the country so that they can create employment opportunities. Employing at least 2 Americans contributes towards the growth of the U.S. economy because it expands the government’s revenue base.

When the two Americans are hired, they are to work on a fulltime basis. If the Romanian investor is building a startup business, the two workers have to be hired not later than after 2 years from business inception.

Spouse and Children Can Come To U.S.

When a Romanian investor succeeds in getting the E-2 visa, they are allowed to come with their spouse and children. The only issues that can separate the principle investor from their family are the status of the marriage and the age of the children.

The spouse has to be legally bound to the Romanian investor. If the marriage between the couple is not legally recognized, the spouse has to remain behind. The children of the Romanian investor have to be aged below 21 years or they will not be able to move to the U.S. On the other hand, the same children will have to apply for different visas when they turn 21 years of age. This is because they are now seen as adults in the eyes of the law, and must qualify for their own independent visas.