E-2 Visa: Serbia to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Serbia to U.S.A.


Serbians can use the E-2 visa program to gain entry into the United States. The program is reserved for countries that have a business treaty with the U.S. Once in the United States, the Serbian national is expected to start an enterprise that will create jobs in the U.S.

There are a few qualifying factors that must be met by all applicants. Some are easy, while others are considered complicated. That is why it is important to involve an immigration attorney so that they can help review your situation and take the appropriate measures. The visa is obtained by filing a petition at the consulate office in Serbia.

The Serbian Must Head Company Operations

Serbian investors are allowed to be in the U.S. because the E-2 visa requirements stipulate that the investor must be an active participant in the business venture. Once a Serbian investor moves to the U.S. they must work in the business they established for the visa qualification. The investor cannot pursue employment opportunities elsewhere. If the business is not performing well, they need to work to improve revenues or sell it and buy another business that still qualifies for the E-2 visa.

Make sure to protect your investment funds. Hire an attorney to can create a contract that ensures the investment funds are held in an escrow account. The business purchase is not effective until the E-2 visa is issued to the investor.

The Serbian Petitioner Has To File An Application and Pay Visa Charges

Any Serbian citizen that wishes to relocate to the U.S. through the E-2 visa program should first obtain a passport from the relevant government office. An investor can only leave Serbia after their passport has been stamped by the consulate officials at the U.S. embassy in their home country. Moreover, the passport is used to prove the nationality of the applicant so it can replace the national identity card.

It is mandatory for all Serbian visa applicants to fill form Ds-160.The form can be accessed through the consulate’s website which makes it easy to obtain.

Every E-2 applicant in Serbia is required to pay an application fee to have their visa processed. Anyone that has not paid the visa application fee will not be issued an E-2 visa.

The E-2 Project Has To Be Profitable

The business that will be operated by a Serbian investor has to generate considerable income. It is therefore recommended that you analyze the profits that are made by the company that you are about to acquire because your visa petition will not be granted if the project is not profitable. The income from an E-2 project is said to be considerable if there is a surplus of money that remains after the principle investor has paid their bills and of their dependents.

The consulate officials actually go through the financial records before concluding on its profitability. This means that it’s necessary to enclose financial statements from your business.

Serbian investors who are opening startup companies will be evaluated on the projected profitability of their enterprises. Since startup businesses use business plans to file their petitions, the plan has to elaborate on how the Serbian investor will make a sustainable income in future years.

Substantiality of The Business Investment Has To Be Met

The business set up by an Serbian E-2 investor must be profitable, otherwise your renewal request will be denied. In fact, you should submit all financial statements from the business including tax returns to show that the business is indeed a profitable venture.


How to Fund Your E-2 Enterprise

Serbian are required to account for the sources of their investment funds. If the money was accumulated through consistent savings the Serbian investor has to produce a copy of pay slips for salaries that have been paid over the past five years. The salary report should be complimented with a salary verification letter from the employer. The Serbian investor should also enclose bank statements and tax returns for the last five years.

As a Serbian investor in the U.S., you are allowed to pool funds with fellow Serbia investors provided that they also declare the sources of their investment funds. In fact, an investor can solicit funding from Serbian friends and relatives. However, the friends and relatives must write an affidavit to prove that they are known to you.

A Serbian investor can finance their E-2 project through a bank loan. However, the investor has to look for alternative assets that can be used to secure the loan because the business project can not qualify as collateral. You can actually use your assets that are based in Serbia. Above all, the money has to be sourced from outside the U.S.

Let the Immigration Attorney Do Their Magic

Most applicants opt to file their visa applications with the assistance of an attorney. But if you are to be represented by an attorney, you need to present form G-28 which allows your attorney to participate in the application procedures on your behalf. You must provide all their contact details including their email address, phone number and address on the form.

2 Americans Are Required Be Hired

A minimum of 2 jobs in the company have to be filled by Americans. The two employees are supposed to employed on a fulltime basis. It is also required that they be hired within the first two years of the business being started.

The Serbian employer has to document the hiring process because their salaries should to match with the standards that have been set by the U.S. department of labor.

The Family of the Investor Can Come To the U.S.

The spouse and kids of an Serbian applicant are entitled to dependent visas upon the approval of the primary E-2 visa applicant. The spouse must be legally married to the applicant otherwise they will not be allowed to come with them to the U.S. Children who are not yet 21 years of age are also included in this clause. But children will be required to apply for independent visas upon turning 21 years old.