E-2 Visa: Togo to U.S.A.

E-2 Visa: Togo to U.S.A.


It is possible for Togolese citizens to migrate to the United States and establish successful businesses owing to the warm trade relations that exist between the U.S. and Togo. By relocating, Togolese E-2 investors create employment opportunities and contribute to the growth of the U.S. economy.

You Need To Own a Company

It is recommended that you first establish a business in the U.S. before applying for the E-2 visa. This is because you should have already invested a certain amount of money in the U.S. prior to applying for the E-2 visa.

The best approach as a Togo investor is to pay escrow payments to a U.S. based bank. You can not declare yourself an investor if you are not able to show you have sufficient funds under your control.

Attorneys can write contracts that protect your investment funds. The contracts ensure the investment funds are held in an escrow account. The purchase of the business is not effective until the E-2 visa is approved.

Prepare The Necessary Documents

Togolese nationals who are applying for E-2 visas are required to fill form Ds-160. In fact the application is said to be only half complete if this form has not been filled. Getting the form is easy because simply download it from the embassy’s website.

There is a visa application fee that has to be paid by all applicants. Once you have paid the fee, you should forward your receipt to the consulate officers so that they can book an interview. Togolese applicants who have not yet honored this requirement can not interview.

Every E-2 petitioner has to prove that they are citizens of Togo. Aliens have to go back to their respective countries and file their petitions from their home country. An applicant has to produce a passport that has been issued by Togo’s department of immigration. The passport should not be full because the visa stamp can only be placed on an empty page.

The E-2 Project Has To Be Profitable

An E-2 investment is not satisfactory if it does not generate adequate profits.

The profitability of a business is determined by considering its impact on the host country’s economy. This is evidenced by the company’s balance sheets over the past several years. If jobs continue to be created due to the company’s expansion then the project is sustainable. The financial records are also probed when the returns are being evaluated. The Togolese investor should therefore prepare these records in advance so that they are not caught unaware.

Hiring an immigration lawyer to represent you will ensure that your interests as an investor are safeguarded. The attorney will prepare contracts that ensure you get your investment escrow money returned if the E-2 visa is not granted.

An E-2 Project Should Be Substantial

Every Togolese applicant is supposed to dedicate a substantial amount of money towards the business project in the U.S. For your project to be considered worthy, its value has to be at least $100,000. If it is an acquired business, the consulate officers use the amount that was paid by the Togolese investor to the previous investor. If it is a startup business, the consulate officers will use the costs estimations contained in the business plan.

Funding Your E-2 Enterprise

Since E-2 projects involve a large investment of money, every Togolese investor has to declare the source of their investment funds. The consulate officers require all E-2 investors to fund their projects using traceable finding. You cannot proceed with the investment if you can not account for the source of your funding.

Money can be obtained from friends and family members in form of gifts. You are also allowed to dispose any of your assets that are situated in Togo to get the necessary funds. But you have to produce the transfer documents and receipts that may have been issued following the sale of your properties and assets.

If a Togolese investor has been engaged in any form of employment, they must produce their pay slips or income statements. You can also apply for a bank loan to finance your E-2 business project. However, you should use your other assets in Togo as collateral because you are not allowed to secure any loan with the E-2 business.


A Lawyer Increases Your Chances of Being Granted a Visa

Togolese applicants are strongly advised to involve an immigration lawyer in their petition. This is because an immigration lawyer knows what strategies to employ so that your application goes through successfully.

Many E-2 applicants do not fully understand the visa application requirements, so it is important to hire an experienced attorney that can guide you through the process. The participation of an immigration lawyer in an E-2 petition starts when a Togolese applicant fills form G-28. The form includes the contact details of the attorney because there has to be constant communication between the lawyer and the consulate officials in Togo.

Two Jobs Must Be Reserved for U.S. Citizens

The Togolese investor has to allocate two job openings to American citizens. This is because E-2 investors are allowed to establish businesses in the country so that they can create employment opportunities. Employing at least 2 Americans contributes towards the growth of the U.S. economy because it expands the government’s revenue base.

When the two Americans are hired, they are to work on a fulltime basis. If the Togolese investor is building a startup business, the two workers have to be hired not later than after 2 years from business inception.

The Spouse and Family of the Investor Is Welcome

When a Togolese investor succeeds in getting the E-2 visa, they are allowed to come with their spouse and children. The only issues that can separate the principle investor from their family are the status of the marriage and the age of the children.

The spouse has to be legally bound to the Togolese investor. If the marriage between the couple is not legally recognized, the spouse has to remain behind. The children of the Togolese investor have to be aged below 21 years or they will not be able to move to the U.S. On the other hand, the same children will have to apply for different visas when they turn 21 years of age. This is because they are now seen as adults in the eyes of the law, and must qualify for their own independent visas.